User Testimonials






"Being able to visualize the EM fields and antenna radiation patterns offers so much more insight than is obtained simply from looking in a text book. SEMCAD X helps us to solve most of our EM-related problems and does it very well." Read full story.
Marcus Walden (PhD), Senior Technology Consultant
Plextek Consulting, UK





"As Nokia EMF team I would like to inform that amoung all EM solvers that we have had, SEMCAD has proven to be more user friendly and more effective in SAR and temperature calculations specifically when real mobile phones (CAD based) are used."
Jafar Keshvari, PhD. (Biomedical Eng.), Senior Manager, EMF Research and Standards
Corporate Development Office, NOKIA, Finland




"SEMCAD X is a versatile tool. With the hardware acceleration enabled, computation time is reduced by orders of magnitude. The Graphical user interface is easy and intuitive to use, and along with Python engine makes SEMCAD a very versatile tool for a variety of applications. Python scripts used for post processing of data are completely transparent enabling end users to access and modify as they wish. SEMCAD has aided a great deal in the advancement of our research at a rapid pace."
"SEMCAD X in conjunction with Acceleware has been instrumental in my research, allowing me to perform FDTD simulations very quickly. I have been using SEMCAD for antenna array simulations, and SEMCAD has made it very easy for me to configure simulations, and visualize and export the results. The python interface has allowed me to use scripting to automate simulations with minimal debugging. FDTD grid configuration, which is critical in FDTD, can be controlled very easily using SEMCAD's interactive grid features. The client/server networking system has allowed our group to use the computation resources very efficiently."
Student Feedback
Edward S. Rogers Sr. Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Toronto




"A stellar program, and one that promises to have a major impact"
Professor Kenneth R. Foster
Department of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania




"Some jobs (for modeling medical devices in high-end human models) that took three to four weeks can now be completed in a day"
Dr. Wolfgang Kainz
U.S. Food & Drug Administration




"Reduce(s) delays in introducing new products"
Motorola, Inc., The Wall Street Journal




"I'm pleased to the continuos development of the SEMCAD software. The usability has increased a lot from the first versions, in where many things were not possible or easy to do. Best thing is that the support is fast and when some new features are needed we have got a 'non-standard' version of the code and which has maybe later included in the software if widely usable feature."
Tim Toivo
STUK Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland




"SEMCAD X is an excellent program to design hyperthermia applicators and to optimize the thermal dose that is delivered to the patient. Recently, we have introduced SEMCAD X as a standard fast, accurate and reliable planning tool for hyperthermia treatments. Tissue segmentations including radiotherapy tumour contours are semi-automatic generated and verified by a medical doctor. The interaction between electromagnetic fields and complex patient anatomies are simulated within a few hours by using the accellerated methods. The resulting SAR distributions are nicely visualized, such that they can be analyzed efficiently by both medical doctors and physicians. The technology of our treatments is rapidly improving and new features are fastly implemented by the great SEMCAD X support and development teams. The forum provides an excellent platform to share knowledge with other communities and to be up-to-date with the latest developments."
J. F. Bakker, MSc
Department Radiation Oncology, Hyperthermia Unit, Erasmus MC - Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center
Rotterdam, The Netherlands




"We have been using SEMCAD to study microwave breast imaging. SEMCAD has a nice graphical user interface, intuitive to use, particularly for first time users.
Computation EM for complex structures can generate large files, which are difficult to manipulate and maintain. SEMCAD provides comprehensive and well-documented Python interface to interact both with its modeler and the solver. This allows us to write small script files to create/run simulations and extract results without the need to manage additional files."
Guangran Kevin Zhu
Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory
McGill University, Montreal, Canada




"With the aim at the most reliable, accurate and professional EM simulation host in the world, SEMCAD always performs very well all the time. Here are somethings we'd like to share with you. First, it's extraordinary 3D GUI indeed helps any user from a beginner to an expert to be proficient in this full-wave FDTD simulator in a very short time. Second, compared with other commercial EM tools, SEMCAD is capable of providing more perspective and precise information to help designers understand the behavior, mechanism and the interrelation of any radiators, which greatly shortens the design process in the early development stage. Third, it's unique accelerator can largely reduce the simulation time by two-third compared with other simulators. It gives engineers more flexibility to execute, practice and study the design concept. Regarding the advantages listed above, we choose SEMCAD as the mainframe in our antenna design center!"
Eric Shih
Hon-Hai Precision Ind. Co
Hsinchu, Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan, R.O.C.




"I have used SEMCAD 1.8, 1.9, and SEMCAD X for many years to analyze biomedical engineering problems involving EM fields. The following are two examples of uses of SEMCAD.
In a study of cardiac pacemaker interference from cellular phone boosters I performed modeling of a complex, large linear antenna near a simplified model of a pacemaker with SEMCAD. The adaptive meshing capabilities of SEMCAD were used effectively to model very small, critical parts of the antenna within the relatively large problem space. The results were in close agreement with measurements by my team on the same system. The study was summarized in a paper presented at the IEEE EMC symposium 2004, entitled “High Resolution Computations and Measurements of Potential EMI with Models of Medical Implants and Radiating Sources” by H. Bassen and J. Casamento.
In another study I evaluated the specific absorption rate (SAR) distributions in a temperature sensitive pharmaceutical – insulin that was exposed to emissions from a 915 MHz RFID system. We used SEMCAD to determine the induced E fields and SAR in models of a single cylindrical vial and a group of nine closely spaced vials. The RFID antenna had several very small, critical parts that were modeled and meshed within the relatively large problem space, using the adaptive meshing capabilities of SEMCAD. We compared the modeling results with experimentally-measured SAR and obtain good agreement between the results of these two methods. The study was summarized in a paper Liquid Pharmaceuticals and 915 MHz Radiofrequency Identification Systems, Worst-Case Heating and Induced Electric Fields.
The mention of commercial products, their sources, or their use in connection with material reported herein is not to be construed as either an actual or implied endorsement of such products by the Department of Health and Human Services."
Howard Bassen, Leader
Electromagnetics and Wireless Laboratory Division of Physics
Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories Center for Devices and Radiological Health, U.S. Food & Drug Administration




"There is a considerable number of numerical EM Tools existing in the market. However, very few stand out with their applicability and accuracy. SEMCAD is certainly one of them. The dedication and prompt response of the support team of SEMCAD is quite impressive. Their commitment to fostering university research is indeed phenomenal. With its one-of-a-kind support, powerful solvers, versatile GUI, flexible human modeling, GPU-based acceleration, and robust post processing capabilities, SEMCAD will remain a key numerical tool in our lab, particularly in antenna development for compact portable devices, and wireless medical applications."
George S. A. Shaker, BSc ECE, MASc ECE, Researcher
NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholar/PhD. Candidate
RF/Microwave & Photonics Group
Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada




"We were engaged with SEMCAD X from SPEAG since it was first developed. Over the years we work in hand to optimize the tools for our mobile product development, failure mode analysis and synthesis. Through the years we have grew confident in the accuracy of SEMCAD X. Currently we realize antenna design with SEMCAD X's optimization tools which were directly ported for soft tool production. The capabilities of SEMCAD X not only have it serve us in development, we have used it extensively in research. We appreciate the great service support rendered through the years."
Ng Guan Hong
Principle Staff Engineer
Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd




"I cannot help but admire the enthusiastic and innovative spirit of SPEAG. I have found the people that I have worked with trustworthy professionals, who work fast and efficiently, yet always maintain their friendliness. SEMCAD X represents well known high quality Swiss work, the results of which I feel privileged to enjoy."
Hanna Maikka
Kuopio University




"SEMCAD X enabled us to determine the limitations of implant operation in human body with its built-in Thermal Solver. We are able to simulate the thermal effects in the head from the operation of a cortical implant without the need for any complex measurements. Thanks to the high resolution head phantom supported by SPEAG, the simulation results became much more realistic and accurate. We can identify the limitations for each implant design in advance, hence, avoiding iterative design and measurement procedures to achieve the final design. SEMCAD X is now a crucial part of our design routine, saving us significant time."
Kanber Mithat Silay and Dr. Catherine Dehollain
RF Research Group
EPFL Electronics Laboratory, Lausanne, Switzerland




"SEMCAD X has been one of our most important tools for applied computational electromagnetics research over the past years giving us valuable insight into the radio waves emitted from Ericsson's products as well as enabling us to develop methodology for international test standards. The software combines the latest advances of the powerful FDTD method for calculating complex radiating structures, including complete CAD models of modern mobile phones, with the latest computer graphics for very clear and detailed visualization. We truly consider SEMCAD X to be state-of-the-art!"
Martin Siegbahn
Senior Research Engineer, EMF Safety and Sustainability
Ericsson AB, Stockholm, Sweden




"If you have to deal with EM simulation for the highlycomplicated CAD-based structures such as automobiles, SEMCAD X is the best tool I have ever seen."
Qian Li
Principal Engineer
Advanced Antenna Design
AGC Automotive Americas R&D, Inc.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USA




"I consider SEMCAD X an excellent tool for studying the effect of the user on antenna performance, as well as in the specific absorption rate simulations. With the help of the accelerator card the simulations time has been very reasonable when considering the scale of our simulation problems. The agreement of the simulated results with our measured results has been first-class."
Jari Holopainen
Researcher and post-graduate student at the
Department of Radio Science and Engineering of
TKK Helsinki University of Technology




"SEMCAD X is the only tool I found that could analyze and validate some of the unique phenomena that we encountered during product development. The results correlated with experimental results and was a key data needed to convince ourselves the validity of the fixes and implementation. In addition, SEMCAD X powerful yet economical engine and easy to use GUI also allowed us to model and perform complex simulations of the whole handset in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks for the great tool!"
Alex Oon, Senior Staff Engineer
iDEN Mobile Devices
Motorola Malaysia




"LG electronics in Korea is always looking for innovative ways to improve our design and development processes to build the most feature rich, attractive and highest performance electronic products in the world. Part of that innovation relies on using the best computing technology available to run our software simulation tools. LG electronics is very happy with the performance of SPEAG's simulation platform SEMCAD X and Acceleware's solution, which employ Nvidia's latest GPUs for computation in addition to visualization. Simulation times for, e.g., a mobile phone that used to take ten hours, now only take 15 minutes to compute. This acceleration has opened up a whole new opportunity to reduce time to market and introduce new optimization algorithms into our processes. We look forward to new innovations from these companies that continue to accelerate our development."
LG Electronics




"The smart systems team of the Austrian Research Centers is successfully using the SEMCAD simulation platform in its daily work in the field of RF dosimetry since several years. Flexible modelling capabilities combined with powerful solvers and the competent and promptly responding support team is making SEMCAD to our first choice for RF simulations. When using SEMCAD one can easily recognize that this program is developed not only by well skilled software engineers, it is developed by world leading experts in electrodynamics and RF dosimetry."
Gernot Schmid, Project Manager
Austrian Research Centers GmbH / smart systems




"I experienced excellent support. We will always be friends!"
Chien-Chang Liu
Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc. (CMCS)




"I consider myself lucky, because I have been using SEMCAD since its very early days, when it was still the newborn promising baby in the field of technical CAD. Now, of course, it has become the giant in this area, but always a good giant, like the one in the fairy tales. The kind that would take you from the hand (my students and I are so excited with the fast learning curve of this software) and guide you through the unknown land of
computational electromagnetics, without having to fear of goblins and trolls. They are always waiting to lighten up your way through the shadows of this land; always kind, always helpful, always fast, always precise. Exactly, like dei ex machinis! Thank you guys! Thank you from my heart!"
Prof. Dr. Theodoros Samaras
Radiocommunications Laboratory
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece




"My research group uses SEMCAD-X for modeling new antenna structures and the interaction of their radiation with tissues. The software is user-friendly but retains sufficiently complex level for the benefit of user's flexibility. Last but not the least, the friendly support staff offers unparalleled, prompt help and service."
Prof. Dr. Milica Popovic
Electrical and Computer Engineering
McGill University, Montreal, Canada




"SEMCAD software is very reliable and has a user-friendly interface which encourages the novice to use it confidently from the very beginning. Its capabilities are greatly improved with the option of importing .SAT and .3DS files (among others), which allows the user to embed any shape or figure that was built externally into a SEMCAD-created model. The user is able to obtain almost any electromagnetic parameter he wants, and with a broad spectrum of plots and figures to represent them. I have found interesting the option of exporting figures as .wmf files, which allows obtaining high resolution printings. I feel very comfortable when working with this software tool."
Julio Claudio Brégains
Department of Applied Physics, Electromagnetism Area
University of Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña, Spain




"SEMCAD X is one of the most advanced software now being used for RF simulations. It is a very powerful tool for computational electromagnetics and it has excellent usability. Almost all graduate school student of our laboratory can use this software to their research or investigation. They can master how to use SEMCAD by themselves in about 1 week. This is because many kinds of practical and helpful tutorials are provided. By using this software, now we try many theme, for example, estimation of electromagnetic interference, computation of SAR, UWB antenna design, and so on. SEMCAD has many special features. Especially, some of special features help us:
- Quite easy to set up the simulation model
- High level automatic Voxel generation
- Variety of visualization tool for computational result
- Support for import of many kinds of CAD data"
Prof. Dr. Toshio NOJIMA
Graduate school of Information Science & Technology
Hokkaido University, Hokkaido, Japan




"Working with SPEAG has been terrific. They are dynamic and proactive.  It is easy to see why they are a leader in microwave simulations and RF dosimetry measurements with their DASY (hardware) product. We are very pleased that SPEAG chose to work with us and adopt our hardware acceleration technology, and we look forward to continuing our great working relationship over the years to come. We will continue to provide SPEAG with our best acceleration products and technical support.”
Ryan Schneider
Acceleware Corp.
Calgary, Canada





“RRL is performing compliance testing and creating standards in Korea about Human exposure to RF and EMC, EMI. For more efficient and powerful research on these fields, we investigated strongly introduction for numerical analysis. Because we concluded, if we are to carry out research on Human exposure to RF and EMC, EMI, it is important for us to research not only into measurements, but also into numerical analysis. At last, We, RRL has chosen and installed SEMCAD X and CiB 1500 for more powerful research in May, 2007. The introduction and usage of SEMCAD X and CiB 1500 must promote our research capabilities and standards establishment. Also this new technology will be used to provide us with simulation software to solve advanced Human exposure to RF and EMC, EMC."
Mr. Sung-sik Kong
Researcher, RRL