cSARD6news2.pngPicture showing DASY63D. It’s successor, DASY83D, will be released in 2Q 2022.

DASY83D is the smart solution for fast and accurate specific absorption rate (SAR) testing. The system integrates the cSAR3D systems with DASY8 Module c3D to create a fully automated and powerful SAR compliance laboratory. It combines the speed of cSAR3D with the precision and versatility of DASY8 and is fully compatible with all international SAR measurement standards.


DASY83D is the DASY8 Module c3D combined with two regular phantom slots and up to three cSAR3D units.  

Applications DASY83D is the fastest and most versatile system for demonstrating SAR compliance with all SAR test standards worldwide.
Typical Workflows for Compliance Testing 

DASY83D compliance testing workflow:

  • Generation of the testing project; test configurations are added according to up-to-date rules from national regulations and international standards. Conducted power measurements may be imported to reduce the number of required tests
  • Precise robot positioning of the device on the cSAR3D phantoms in each test position. The DASY8 robot is used with a device positioner arm extension that is connected automatically
  • Automatic call handling with our robust base station simulator interface
  • Docking of the device for recharging whenever the power drift is more than 0.5 dB or as specified by the user
  • Determination of the tests to be performed on DASY8 using fast SAR protocols in international standards. Creation of the corresponding testing files after all cSAR3D tests are completed
  • Completion of DASY8 measurements after exchange of the device positioner with the probe holder on the robot
  • Generation of a combined report by DASY8 that can be used for documentation or submission to the regulator
Platforms & robots MP8T3D-TX2-90XL
Module Compatibility

DASY83D is fully compatible with the following modules:

  • DASY8 Module c3D
  • DASY8 Module SAR
  • DASY8 Module mmWave
  • DASY8 Module WPT
  • DASY8 Module HAC
  • DASY8 Module R&D (coming)
  • DASY8 Module APD (coming)
Standard Compatibility DASY83D is compatible with:
  • IEC-IEEE 62209-1528
  • IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEC 62209-3
  • IEC 62232 (base station antennas)
  • IEEE 1528
  • FCC KDB 865664 and other national regulations
  • Health Canada Safety Code 6
  • EN 50385
  • EN 50383:2010 
  • EU Directive RED 2014/53/EU 
  • AS/NZS 2772-2:2011 
  • ARIB STD T-56 3.1
  • IS16133
  • DT-IFT-007-2015
Unique Features

Best of both worlds


Easy to use

Automated SAR measurement system that combines the speed of cSAR3D and the high precision of DASY8

System capable to switch between DASY8 Modules within a few seconds; easy to learn for DASY8 and cSAR3D users



Easy to upgrade    


Enhanced Usability  

Can be upgraded from an existing DASY8 or cSAR3D system

Test reduction and compliance in one system for accelerated testing


cDASY6, cSAR3D: Full file compatibility

DASY52, cSAR3D: Measurement file import only

Product History

See product lifetime

Release Date

2Q 2022