Aug 26, 2011

SEMCAD X Light v14.6.2 Release

SEMCAD X Light V14.6.2 Released

The SEMCAD Team is pleased to announce a new version of SEMCAD X Light V14.6.2

SEMCAD X Light V14.6.2 Aletsch is a limited version of SEMCAD X v14.6.2, specially tailored for educational purposes in order to facilitate the understanding of Electromagnetics for:

- Antennas
- Network & waveguide structures
- Microwave radiation & absorption
- EM compatibility & interference
- Low frequency EM problems

Some of the new features in SEMCAD X Light v14.6.2 are:

- Advanced Modeling
- New post processor averaging quantities for ICNIRP and C95 standards
- Unified Multiport simulation environment: network parameters, MIMO and antenna diversity, Multiband SAR
- Floating metals for ES and EQS low frequency solvers.
- Polyline based PEC/Metal Wire model.
- Extended Python API Browser and automatic API lookup.

SEMCAD X Light limitations - compared to the full version - are:

- Model limited to 10 solids maximum
- Grid size 1 MCells maximum
- Optimizer disabled
- SPICE circuit co-simulator disabled
- Thermal solver disabled
- Parts of the ELF solver disabled (ES and MS solvers still active)
- Acceleware GPU hardware acceleration disabled
- CAD import/export capabilities disabled
- Reduced number of Tools
- Limited Python scripting capabilities

Current users of SEMCAD X Light can now log into the SEMCAD eShop where you will be able to download the SEMCAD X Light installer including the relevant SEMCAD X Light Tutorial Projects.

If any problem should occur, please feel free to contact us:

Once you have installed the software, we suggest that you study the User Manual and go through some of the Tutorial Projects to familiarize yourself with SEMCAD X Light and discover some of its amazing features.

You can also learn more about SEMCAD X Light and SEMCAD X (full version) at and

Best regards,

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