Feb 27, 2012

SEMCAD X V14.8.0 Aletsch

Release of SEMCAD X V14.8.0 Aletsch

The SEMCAD X Team is pleased to announce the release of SEMCAD X V14.8.0 Aletsch, a major upgrade offering a range of powerful new features. Particular highlights are the improved modeling functionality, novel HPC extensions, gridder improvements, dedicated Biomedical tools and extended PostPro capabilities.


A taste of some of the new features include:


  • Advanced Modeling: plane clipping, editable ODB++ import
    format, parametric sources, lumped elements and sensors.
  • Topological Morphing for conformal 3D modeling to arbitrary
  • Integration of Snagit for easy image and video screen capturing.
  • Dispersive Material Optimization tool to fit measured
    parameters and Gabriel’s tissue database to the numerical
    dispersive coefficient.



  • Remote Huygens and Iterative Huygens source.
  • Improved gridder user experience: more intuitive and friendlier
    to the user with predefined and customizable grid Templates.
  • Voxel Connectivity Check for verification of connectivity
    between two PEC/Lossy Metal parts.
  • ARMA engine: significant reduction in simulation time.
  • Entirely new Remote Solver Client and Server applications.
  • Novel HPC acceleration library using (single, multiple) GPUs.



  • Updated 2D plots, vector viewer and new stream-line viewer
    for enhanced result/data visualization.
  • User oriented Line Field Extraction tool.
  • Enhanced Multi-simulation: multi-port  analysis with support for different input impedances, voxeling options and single port
  • Dedicated Biomedical tools: export result function for post
    processing with Musaik, Implant Safety Toolkit and updated
    MRI toolkit with more functionalities.
  • New post-pro evaluator for absolute and RMS B1+ values.



  • Integration of the Enthought Python package.
  • Extended API functions to access gridding and voxeling settings.

The full release notes can be viewed online.

All customers with up-to-date yearly hotline and support contracts are about to receive a new license file as well as appropriate login information. If you would like to test any of the new features that are currently not included in your license, please inform us and we gladly will offer you a free trial.

The relevant installers can also be downloaded and installed from:

You will find extensive documentation and new tutorial examples that highlight the new features. Should you have any further questions related to this release please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
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