Jan 29, 2014

SEMCAD X Matterhorn

SPEAG and ZMT recently released the internal beta version of SEMCAD X Matterhorn to an enthusiastic reception from our partners. Over the past three years, a complete overhaul of the previous version of SEMCAD was undertaken, including improvements to all of its industry leading features; the replacement of inefficient and uncompetitive components; and the creation of the most modern user interface. SEMCAD X Matterhorn is now the most cutting-edge and effective electromagnetic simulation platform on the market, representing the first leap into multiphysics, multiscale simulation realism in complex environments.

Here is a glimpse into the future of computational modeling and simulation:


Powerful solvers provide unparalleled functionality allowing simulations from DC to light via FDTD, conformal, and FEM solvers. Fastest GPU solvers on the market; hybrid CPU-GPU; special enhancements (ARMA, Huygens, co-sim, non-linear materials, etc.). Versatile multiphysics setup via studies and coupling framework.


Unrivaled capability for setting up and maintaining simulation projects with context dependence, filtering/scoping, ribbons, simultaneous multiple trees, and the highest level of interactivity (3D, mouse, key). Fully optimized for MS Windows 8; visual enhancements and support for external input devices (e.g., gestures, 3D mouse).

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Unlike other simulation tools, SEMCAD X Matterhorn functions as a single harmonic entity, providing unparalleled ease of use and clarity when using with computational instruments. It enables drag/drop between different solvers/setups/results and offers an enhanced materials database.


The Python scripting framework is densely embedded into the GUI (supported by a new editor and the Enthought engine), allowing for automation, customization, tunable levels of user support, and the integration of user apps - without requiring extensive coding experience. Native support for additional languages/typesets, e.g., Chinese, Korean and Japanese.


With the fastest GPU-based solver on the market (multiple TCells/s on desktop), all solvers (FDTD, conformal, FEM) and meshers/voxelers are now MPI parallelized, offering a well scaled, short time-to-solution. A novel Task Manager ensures effective utilization of HPC resources. Support for cloud computing. Live progress and convergence updates via the network can be checked locally or via web interface on, e.g., a mobile phone.

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Fast and visually appealing handling and rendering of most complex setups, image data, and results (including, e.g., lighting, shading, transparency, etc.) using a combination of our own 3D OpenGL rendering engine QTech and the VTK package.


Provision of rigorous validation documentation and thorough uncertainty budgets through close cooperation with leading groups from ETHZ/EPFL, including the IT’IS Foundation, and other leading research organizations.

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SEMCAD X Matterhorn to Sim4Life, the only multiphysics platform in life sciences.



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