Oct 23, 2009

iSEG V3.1 Release

iSEG V3.1 Release

Zurich Med Tech, a sister company of SPEAG, has developed iSEG, a medical image segmentation tool specially designed to construct realistic 3D human or animal models for SEMCAD X from medical image data. These models can be used to study electromagnetic exposure and induced heating in living tissue.

iSEG is the most versatile medical image segmentation tool currently available. It quickly and easily creates highly detailed 3D human or animal models based on CT and MRI images in standard image formats (dicom, avw, mhd, bmp, raw, vtk...). Powerful fully automatic and interactive segmentation techniques, including multiple level-set techniques, fuzzy connectedness, interactive watershed transformation, intelligent scissors, image foresting transformation, vessel segmentation and different region growing techniques, can be flexibly combined to process 2D image data into 3D models. The toolbox is further bolstered by various noise removal and preprocessing methods, postprocessing techniques to improve the quality of segmented models, topologically flexible and adaptive interpolation, measurement tools, and 2D as well as 3D viewers. The segmented models can be exported as surfaces, contours and label fields in multiple formats. Pre-segmented images (RTstruct dicom format) from common radiotherapy planning tools are also supported.

iSEG is currently being used around the world by leading hospitals to generate patient specific models for cancer treatment planning, by medtech and mobile phone industries as well as research organizations to generate detailed models for complex simulations and by the FDA (USA) to develop the „Virtual Family“ and the „Virtual Classroom“ (sets of reference human models of different ages, sexes and weights with over 100 distinguished tissues).


  • efficient and fast
  • compatibility with image data sets of various formats (dicom, avw, mhd, bmp, raw, mat...) from CT or MR scanner
  • powerful fully automatic and highly interactive segmentation techniques
  • volume rendering for visualization applications
  • advanced 3D image processing
  • smart memory management with support for large number of slices (64-bit)
  • single tightly integrated user-friendly package
  • sample reference atlases

More information on iSEG can be obtained from SPEAG or Zurich Med Tech.


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