Nov 18, 2014

SEMCAD X Matterhorn Final Release

SEMCAD X Matterhorn V15.0 Final Release

SPEAG is pleased to announce the final release of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V15.0. Over the past three years, a complete overhaul of the previous version of SEMCAD X was undertaken, including improvements to all of its industry leading features; the replacement of inefficient and uncompetitive components; and the creation of the most modern user interface.

SEMCAD X Matterhorn is now the most cutting-edge and effective electromagnetic simulation platform on the market, representing the first leap into multiphysics, multiscale simulation realism in complex environments.

SEMCAD X Matterhorn license holders also have the opportunity to upgrade to Sim4Life, the only multiphysics platform for life sciences, combining computable human phantoms with powerful physics solvers and advanced tissue models. Detailed information about Sim4Life can be found at ZMT

If you are interested in experiencing the power and elegance of SEMCAD X Matterhorn, or require further information, please email us at or call us at +41 44 245 9700. For existing customers, all pertinent information regarding the software installer download and updated licenses will be individually provided to each customer.

SPEAG is dedicated to empowering our customers to reach new heights of productivity and scientific achievement by providing the most innovative software solutions, testing equipment, and support.



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