Jul 11, 2012

France Enforces SAR Requirements in Limbs

France Enforces SAR Requirements in Limbs

The French government has recently clarified that Radio Terminal Equipment allowed to be sold and used in France must comply with limits for the electromagnetic exposure of the limbs, including hands. The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)  must be within the limit provided by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). ICNIRP guidelines limit the peak 10-gram averaged SAR in the hands to 4 W/kg. The requirement for SAR in the limbs is in addition to the requirements that the peak 10-gram averaged SAR in the head and trunk are limited to 2 W/kg.


To demonstrate compliance for SAR in the limbs, the SAR should be measured with the wireless device placed against a flat phantom, as described in IEC 62209-2. SPEAG recommends that the DASY52 system is used to measure the SAR in the ELI phantom (or other compliant flat phantom). The wireless device should be placed directly against the flat phantom in orientations according to the intended use for limbs and hands, as recommended by the device manufacturer.  The requirements for the measurement setup and scans shall follow the guidelines of IEC 62209-2.


The IT’IS Foundation recently completed a detailed investigation of the mechanisms of absorption of electromagnetic fields in the hands and fingers. The published paper is now available and is described on the IT’IS website. This work will be useful in the development of future standards.


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