Mar 7, 2017

Quick cSAR3D Measurement of Wireless Device

User Video Demonstrates New Quick Setup Feature in cSAR3D V2.8

cSAR3D is the most advanced vector array system for conducting fast, high-precision SAR measurements of wireless devices for testing compliance with national and international safety guidelines. To make it even more user-friendly, cSAR3D V2.8 contains a new Quick Setup feature: a simple and easy way to make a measurement without detailed knowledge of the cSAR3D system.

A recent video demonstrates the main new feature of cSAR3D V2.8 that had been requested by many users.


cSAR3D is designed to perform complex compliance tests of multiband devices automatically. The new Quick Setup feature provides a fast interface to start a specific absorption rate (SAR) assessment without first creating a measurement project. This is ideal for R&D applications or special analysis. As demonstrated in the video, the new Quick Setup feature guides the user from starting the cSAR3D units and software and entering the measurement parameters - including the phantom, communication system, band and channel - to performing various measurements, such as how to add any new test configuration or continuous measurements to evaluate device stability displayed in a real-time updated 2D plot.

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