May 25, 2012

Next Generation 3D Compliance SAR Systems - cSAR3D

Next Generation 3D Compliance SAR Systems - cSAR3D

SPEAG is pleased to introduce the next generation in fast, high-precision Compliance SAR (cSAR3D) Systems, a system concept that was developed during the last year to meet the various requests/suggestions of our highly valued customers.


cSAR3D now provides full 3D dosimetric information in less than 1s.  The measurement system has high absolute accuracy due to the determination of all field components in a large region of the head and body phantoms.  Four phantom geometries are available: left and right sides of the SAM head phantom and the flat phantom in standard and Quad sizes. The system measures the time-domain signal of the wireless device, significantly reducing calibration costs. The tissue equivalent material inside cSAR3D is in conformance with the target dielectric parameters of international standards over a broad frequency range, and it never needs to be replaced or adjusted. Validation sources will be included in the system package.

An integrated expert system guides the user through the full certification process and it also includes a sophisticated and flexible report generator. The system is fully compatible with the DASY and iSAR systems. Preliminary specifications are provided below. After extensive optimization and testing, the system will be available to selected customers in late Fall 2012. The full product launch is expected before the end of the year. Offers will be issued starting from October 2012.

Preliminary Specifications:
- Phantom Shell: compliant with IEC62209/IEEE 1528
- Tissue Simulating Material: compliant with IEC62209/IEEE 1528    
- Frequency Range: 300 MHz – 6 GHz
- Dynamic Range: 1 mW/kg - 100 W/kg
- Measurement Speed: < 1 second
- Measurement Uncertainty: < 30% (95% confidence interval)
- Weight: < 25kg


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