Feb 21, 2017

New Holder Adaptor Eliminates All Steps on Testing Its Influence on SAR

Antennas of ultra slim modern smart phones are sensitive to dielectric loading and accordingly, laboratory personnel are continuously facing the challenge to prove that the measured specific absorption rate (SAR) is not affected by the holder (positioning the device). SPEAG’s solution to this problem is a new low-loss low-permittivity adaptor that eliminates the various steps on testing the holders influence on SAR measurements.

The new MDA4SPV6 adaptor has been designed and tested to keep the influence of the holder to a negligible level (i.e., <0.1dB) and for easy usage. Importantly, it also complies with the new holder requirement of the upcoming IEC 62209-U standard revision. The MDA4SPV6 adaptor is made from low-density ROHACELL® foam material, and conform with any design and shape of phones. The phone can be attached with Velcro-tape, the same mounting mechanism that is already widely applied in our OTA products, and accurately and repeatable positioned below the various phantoms.


The new MDA4SPV6 adaptor is easy to use and compatible with the existing DASY mounting device.

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