Sep 5, 2012

iSAR V2.6 Software Release

iSAR V2.6 Software Release

The popularity of iSAR Quad and the increased needs for measuring Wireless LAN devices at high frequencies have caused more extensive use of the iSAR Combiner. This feature has been significantly improved in functionality and ease-of-use to further improve measurement repeatability and absolute accuracy.


Enhanced Functionality of Combiner

The Combiner feature is a powerful tool to improve measurement accuracy by combining individual SAR measurements. It was previously limited to a reduced range of device orientations. iSAR V2.6 overcomes this limitation, allowing you to combine SAR distributions taken at any device orientation. It now also warns you if the new measurement does not pass the scaling or matching criteria and displays the measurement distribution overlaid on the Combiner distribution. This visual information gives you the ability to decide whether to override the criteria or adapt the criteria.

Improved Repeatability and Absolute Accuracy

The absolute accuracy at the highest frequencies, particularly above 5 GHz, was limited by the spatial measurement resolution and reduced sensor isotropy due to the lengths and shapes of the sensors. Now with iSAR V2.6, improved absolute accuracy and repeatability can be achieved on the iSAR Flat and iSAR Quad. Combining measurements at various positions and orientations is easy, and described by procedures in the iSAR System Handbook.

Quad Combiner

A new Quad Combiner button has been added to the user interface enabling the straightforward combining of full iSAR Quad measurements. This button functionality automatically changes to Quad Combiner Compare when the Compare feature is enabled, consistent with other button functionality.

Enhanced Summation of SAR Distributions from Multiple Transmitters

The feature to add SAR distributions measured at different frequency bands has been generalized to add the distributions of any transmitters, even at the same frequency. The Add Multi TX feature displays the total SAR distribution and the peak 1-gram and 10-gram SAR of wireless devices employing simultaneous transmission, as specified in draft standards being prepared by IEC and IEEE.


The iSAR V2.6 software can be downloaded here.

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