Jan 17, 2011

iSAR² V2.3 Software Release

iSAR² V2.3 Software Release

With the latest iSAR² software release, fast SAR measurements are now faster than ever, and new features have been added for comparing and combining measurements.

Faster measurements

Recent improvements in software processing have resulted in measurement time reduction by a factor of three. The measurement time is now less than one second. The default measurement time is specific to the modulation type, with values selected for excellent measurement repeatability. The faster iSAR² speed enhances the real-time RF evaluation of wireless devices and enables new features that will be announced in the first half of this year.

The measurement time is displayed after each measurement in the bottom left corner of the window.


Combined SAR from simultaneous transmitters

With the click of a button, SAR distributions measured at different frequency bands are intelligently combined to show the total SAR distribution and peak 1-gram and 10-gram SAR. This enables the RF evaluation of wireless devices employing simultaneous transmission, as specified in draft standards being prepared by IEC and IEEE.

The new Combine Multi Band feature of iSAR² is shown for a wireless device having two simultaneous modes in different frequency bands. The measured SAR distributions at 1750 MHz (left) and 900 MHz (center) are intelligently combined to give the multi-band SAR distribution (right).


Comparison of iSAR² and DASY measurements

DASY measurements can be imported into the iSAR² software for direct comparison with iSAR² measurements. DASY52 users can use a new feature for the simple export of DASY measurements via SEMCAD X for use with iSAR².

SAR scaling

For comparison of iSAR² measurements with reference measurements from DASY or iSAR², a user-selectable scaling factor has been implemented. The scaling factor can be used to visualize the relative SAR distributions of measured and reference scans. The scaling factor can be saved in the measurement file.


Later in the first half this year, we will be announcing exciting additions to iSAR² hardware and software that extend iSAR² measurement capabilities.

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