Feb 25, 2017

Brief Update: IEC 62209 Standard Meeting Exceeds Expectations

cSAR3D closes the gap between innovation and Compliance

This week, great progress has been made at the IEC meeting in Florida for the unified IEC 62209-U, but in particular for the IEC 62209-3 FastSAR standards, paving the way for publication of a Publicly Available Standard (PAS) and submission of the PAS to the IEC main board as a Committee Draft (CD) at the next meeting in the May 2017. The breakthrough was achieved with the finalization and approval of the validation procedure and acceptance criteria (Annex D), together with well-defined validation antennas and their target values (Annex G). Since all systems have to go through the same comprehensive and rigorous validation procedure, users and regulators can now rely on the stated accuracy / uncertainty of a FastSAR system if the system passes the validation - which is preferably repeated on a regular basis by an independent laboratory. However, the maximal acceptable uncertainty for FastSAR systems has been defined to be equal to the one specified for full systems, namely 30%. A more detailed update with specific data will be made available here soon.

It is anticipated that the PAS will not be published before the end of this year / early 2018. The standard will be available earliest in 2019. 


Participants of the IEC meeting held from 21-25 February 2017 in Plantation, Florida.

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