Oct 28, 2014

ICEy (Interference & Compatibility Evaluation System) Release

ICEy (Interference & Compatibility Evaluation system) Release

SPEAG is excited to announce the introduction of our novel ICEy Interference & Compatibility Evaluation system, another decisive leap forward in EMC/EMI near-field scanning technology. ICEy features several unprecedented advances in EMI/EMC near-field scanning technology:

  • TDS Probe Technology: with our active fiber-optic TDS sensor technology, we introduce the first fully RF-EM-transparent EMI/EMC near-field probe technology world-wide, for absolute measurement of the emissions from your DUT without field distortion and with full vector and phase information
  • Traceable Calibration: ICEy is the first EMC/EMI near-field scanning system to deliver traceable measurement results based on our TDS RF EM probes calibrated in our ISO 17025 certified laboratory, for full interlaboratory comparability and total trust in your and your suppliers’ measurement results
  • Automatic DUT Recognition: advanced computer vision techniques allow full 3D reconstruction of your DUT in ICEy, for conformal scanning with precisely known probe positioning relative to your DUT that allows you to overlay results directly on the DUT during post-processing
  • Absolute EMI/EMC Measurements: precise knowledge of the measurement location relative to the DUT and traceable system calibration for the first time enable absolute electric- and magnetic-field measurements in EMI/EMC scanning applications
  • Turnkey: ICEy unites all the above and many more features as well as advanced measurement control and post-processing software in a turnkey solution, ready for measurement after system setup, with extensive on-site training from our engineers

Our novel ICEy Interference & Compatibility Evaluation system. Shown here is a typcial system setup with the turnkey ICEy testbed and operator station during the EM near-field evaluation of a mobile phone chipset.



These features make SPEAG’s ICEy EMI/EMC near-field scanner ideal for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Interference and crosstalk mapping in highly integrated electronic devices and components
  • Preproduction and production screening of chipsets or module level RF-EM-emission characteristics for integrator design specifications or as source input for system-level EM simulations
  • Troubleshooting EM interference and crosstalk effects in highly integrated electronic systems
  • Detection of failures during the design cycle
  • Optimization of packaging and shielding
  • Verification of device and system performance
  • Antenna reactive near-field mapping of the complex-valued EM phasor with possible near-to-far-field radiation pattern transformation
  • Near-field mapping of unintentional radiated emissions with possible near-to-far-field radiation pattern transformation


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