Oct 16, 2009

Final Release DASY52

Final Release of DASY52

We are proud to announce the final release of DASY52, a major upgrade representing the next leap in quality compliance testing of mobile phones and general near-field evaluations. In brief, the main new improvements are:

  • New GUI: many new features that greatly simply 1) measurements, 2) data handling, 3) control of base-station simulators for increased automatization of measurements, and 4) much more. Despite these major improvements, we have kept the DASY software appearance very similar to previous versions, i.e., training requirements for DASY4/5 users is minimal.
  • Report Generator: this new feature enables complex custom-defined reports of over 100 pages to be generated with a single click (see video clip). An example is attached (AN_D52_ReportGenerator.pdf). The report generator will also automatically fill a custom-made database.
  • Ultra-Fast SAR Procedures: empower DASY to conduct SAR evaluations in less than 2 minutes. Pre-defined files are provided.
  • Advanced Probe Response Linearization: this new feature satisfies the latest standards (e.g. IEEE-1528b and the upcoming IEC 62209-1/2) and reduces the maximum measurement error of complex modulation schemes (e.g., WPN, WLAN, WCDMA, etc.) by more than 10%. Communication system specific probe calibrations are now offered. SPEAG has also extended its calibration services offering calibration for the most common standards but also for custom-defined signals.
  • many more features that make the system compatible with the revised standards that are expected to be released at the end of the year.


We greatly appreciate your feedback. Furthermore, DASY5 V5.2 upgrades (hardware & software) for DASY4 systems based on the CS7MB controller series are now available.


New GUI Structure

A new structure level has been added to the software enabling different Programs (Configurations) to be run without opening new measurement files. This enables the use of different phantoms, different liquids, different probes and/or different communication systems within the same measurement file. Furthermore, having several configurations in one file allows a much higher degree of automatization, for example, if broad-band liquid is used in combination with the CMU200 then different communication systems of the DUT can be measured without user interventions. It has the additional advantage that all SAR and/or HAC measurements according to the standard protocols are collected in one measurement file. Previous measurement files from versions 4.x and 5.0 can also be imported.

DASY5 v5.2 New GUI Structure


Advanced Probe Response Linearization

DASY5 v5.2 Communication System DASY5 v5.2 provides advanced probe response linearization as required by the latest standards (e.g. IEEE-1528b and the upcoming IEC 62209-1/2). Together with the release of the DASY5 v5.2, SPEAG offers probe calibration for different modulations that improves the maximal error of measurements by more than 10% while considerably increasing the probe range (see ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service page). Besides being compatible with the requirements of the latest standards, this will also significantly reduce the task of lab personnel for HAC evaluations as determination of the PMF factor are included in the probe calibration parameters.

DASY5 v5.2 Probe Modulation Page


Report Generator

Another important feature of DASY5 v5.2 is the Report Generator that will enable automatic generation of full compliance reports based on custom-defined templates (see video clip). Your template will be developed by SPEAG based on custom-defined compliance report formats, and may include DUT and other information provided by Excel files as well as a container of pictures. An example is attached (AN_D52_ReportGenerator.pdf). The structure is kept very flexible such that it can accommodate almost any wish. If you send us your list of requests or current template, we will inform you how it can be done.


Ultra-Fast SAR Procedures

Our implementation is based on the Motorola Fast SAR algorithm and a minimal number of measurement points that are automatically determined based on the dimensions of the device. Less than 2 minutes are needed per evaluation, depending on the device dimensions. This fast evaluation can also be combined with the CMU to obtain multi-channel and multi-band evaluations within a few minutes. Based on the same approach, the pre-defined files, that enable standard evaluations with a time reduction of 40%, are included in the installer.


DASY5 NEO v5.2 pre-release

This includes many new features, such as integrated PXI, integration of different robot arm extensions, predefined procedures for implant testing. It also provides the "MAVERICK mode" that greatly increases the flexibility of Job and Procedure definition. The extended NEO release will be released soon.


Other Important Features

Various improvements to achieve compatibility with the latest standard revision drafts, e.g., fast SAR evaluation for multiple peaks and multi-band evaluation for non-conformal Volume Scans.


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