Dec 31, 2010

DASY52 Software Release V52.6

DASY52 Software Release V52.6

We are pleased to announce a new release of DASY52. This release not only resolves reported bugs, but also incorporates important new features that result in reduced measurement time, more flexibility and implementation of new measurement protocols arising from the IEC/IEEE standardization committees. Furthermore, many features have been added for the DASY52NEO users.

  • compatibility with Windows 7
  • added features to the Zoom-Scan job (including auto-extend when maxima are at a boundary and power monitoring during the scan)
  • updates of HAC T-coil (option for noise-only scans)
  • enabling multi-band combination from different grids
  • optimized tooling speed
  • python scripting interface (DASY NEO Python feature) facilitating: fully user-defined jobs and scans and post-processor evaluators; advanced measurement and test equipment automation (read-out and control via VISA); interactive jobs and procedures; robot, procedure and measurement automation; third party probe software interfaces
  • full compatibility with Metrolab THM1176 hall sensor probes
  • SPEAG Time Domain Sensor (TDS) integration
  • MEM phantom integration and application note
  • import of iSAR results

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