Apr 11, 2013

DASY52.8.6 and SEMCAD X V14.6.9 Software Release

NEW RELEASE => DASY52.8.6 (1115) and SEMCAD-X V14.6.9 (7117)

The following has been addressed in this release:

UID revision tracking

Numerous new communication systems and settings have resulted in an increased complexity to determine the correct DUT modulation and to match the probe compensation settings.  In view of this situation, we initiated a project for a measurement equipment to identify the relevant signal characteristics regarding the probe compensation and to automatically assign the correct PMR parameters. As an immediate step and for improved identification of modulations, DASY52 V52.8.6 release includes a rigid revision for tracking the UID, which consists of three letters for each UID, to characterize further parameters related to the modulation waveform. More details on the newly introduced UID tracking can be found in Seciton 6.7 of the released DASY52 User Manual.


UID bundling

New Chapter 40 presents rationale and validation of proposed bundle options for probe calibration.


Summary Generator

Based on your valuable feedback, we have now completed work on the Summary Generator feature. We’re also in the process of creating a web-ex tutorial on the Summary Report Generator, which will  soon be available on our webpage.

The new DASY52 software is now available for download
User name and password are the same as for the latest DASY 52.8 release.
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