Feb 11, 2013

DAK-1.2 Release & Software Update

DAK-1.2 Release & Software Update

We are pleased to announce the release of the optimized high frequency dielectric probe DAK-1.2 and an important software upgrade.

New: Dielectric Probe DAK-1.2

The new dielectric probe DAK-1.2 covers the frequency range 5 – 50 GHz. DAK-1.2E will also soon become available that extends the upper end of the frequency range to 67 GHz. This completes our set of high quality open-coaxial dielectric probes covering the frequency range from 10 MHz to 67 GHz. All these probes are robust, easy-to-operate, offer unsurpassed accuracy and are delivered with a calibration certificate and specified uncertainties. The DAK-3.5 Shorting Block is compatible with the DAK-1.2 and DAK-1.2E probes and therefore the upgrade costs are minimal.

High precision probe with only 1.2mm diameter and a 2.4mm connector. These dimensions posed real mechanical challenges that were successfully mastered.


New Software Release 1.8

The DAK Software version (v1.8.276) supports the new DAK-1.2 probe. Furthermore, the new software release offers several new features:

  • improved algorithms, 
  • supports an extended range of measurements of the relative permittivity of up to 200, and 
  • offers dedicated buttons for the VNA settings and for editing the target dielectric data. 


For example, the extended permittivity range opens the possibility to study a broader range of materials like biological samples at lower frequencies. The dedicated VNA settings button makes easier the changes in the measurement setup. Setting up a pass/fail test is now very simple due to the direct access to target dielectric data.

The new release together with the updated Professional Handbook is available for download to all customers:

Enhanced user interface.


We have also extended the list of supported VNAs. The full list is provided here:

For more detailed information about DAK, please visit:

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