Aug 21, 2018

Customized Phantoms with Unique Use-Factors Accelerate the Development & Testing of Wireless Devices

The wireless industry, unleashed by the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), is rapidly expanding the applications beyond the immense success of hand-held devices such as mobile phones and tablets. As these new devices will operate near or in direct contact with the human body, efficient and reliable testing of over-the-air (OTA) performance as well as specific absorption rate (SAR) is critical. To achieve accurate results, tests need to be as representative as possible and therefore, should be performed as the devices are typically used (i.e., mounted at specific anatomical locations). This can only be achieved by using carefully engineered, state-of-the art physical phantoms that have form factors that embody the target use case and thus offer repeatable measurements.

SPEAG is already the global market leader in providing standardized phantoms. For more than two decades, we have continuously supported phantom development, e.g., via active participation in the corresponding CTIA or IEC/IEEE working groups. Due to the growing demand by our customers for phantoms for specific use-factors, we are proud to say that we have established a fast, reliable, and cost-effective workflow for development and manufacturing of any customized electromagnetic (EM) phantom.

Examples of our customized EM phantoms (see examples below) include:

Example 1:  Custom-made Dog Neck phantom simulating muscle, bone, and skin. This phantom was jointly designed with the company launching a companion animal remote health monitoring system. It has been used not only for R&D but also for regulatory submissions. (photo courtesy of Voyce)

Example 2: Layered chest phantom (skin, fat, and muscle tissues) for accurate evaluation and quality assurance of an implantable medical device with a radiofrequency link. This Phantom also includes a specialized device holder that enables repeatable positioning of the implant at different depths underneath the skin.

We use a variety of high-precision production techniques and a wide range of tissue simulating solids, semi-solids, gels, and liquids to build our phantoms to cover the entire wireless frequency range from <10 MHz to >100 GHz. To discuss your particular testing requirements, receive a quotation, or for further information, please contact us at


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