Jul 13, 2016

cSAR3D V2.6 Release - Faster Automation

cSAR3D V2.6 Release - Faster Automation

cSAR3D combines speed and automation with highly accurate field reconstruction. We are pleased to announce our new software release with improved user interface and the integration of additional base station simulators. We have also implemented faster handovers of 2G, 3G and 4G cellular telephone technology signals.

SPEAG is dedicated to deliver best-in-class automation of specific absorption rate (SAR) testing. All of the following base station simulators are now integrated at no additional cost with cSAR3D version 2.6:

  • Rohde & Schwarz CMW500
  • Rohde & Schwarz CMU200
  • Keysight (Agilent) E5515C/E 8960 Series 10
  • Anritsu MT8820C
  • Anritsu MT8821C


The 3D field reconstruction algorithm of cSAR3D has been further advanced to determine the peak spatial SAR values accurately for any near-field source. It has been extensively validated using the latest draft of IEC 62209-3. In addition, we added additional internal checks for verifying sensor performance.

SPEAG is also proud to announce the first fully integrated SAR testing solution for wireless devices that features dynamic antenna tuning, such as Qualcomm’s solution. Antenna tuners have recently emerged as an important tool for improving call quality in modern mobile phones by optimizing antenna efficiency. They enable smaller antenna sizes to be used and reduce the effect of antenna detuning from different hand grips during use, by bringing the antenna back to its optimal match. Since the SAR in the user’s body is affected by the antenna efficiency, numerous antenna tuning states need to be tested to ensure compliance with established SAR limits according to international standards and national regulations. The integration of adaptive antenna tuner control into cDASY6 and cSAR3D now enables the efficient SAR testing of all these tuning states without additional hardware. By controlling the tuning states through a wireless link, the software interface of both systems allows fast and automated switching without manual input from the operator.

Finally, SPEAG will release this quarter the Automated Device Positioner for cSAR3D. This hardware feature places the wireless device automatically and with high precision in a preconfigured set of test positions on the cSAR3D phantoms. It is based on DASY robots and features integrated camera and device charger.

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