Dec 10, 2013

cSAR3D Production Release

cSAR3D Production Release

SPEAG is very proud of its latest innovation for high-precision SAR measurement. Today, we announce the start of the manufacturing of the first series of cSAR3D, our latest innovation for high-precision SAR measurement. We will start shipping in January 2014. Demand has been outstanding, demonstrating great confidence in SPEAG as a producer of high-quality measurement equipment.








cSAR3D is our newest and most advanced system for fast, high-precision SAR measurements of wireless devices. The system uses a novel sensor concept and advanced reconstruction algorithms. The measurement system has high absolute accuracy due to the determination of all field components in a large region of the head and body phantoms. The software has been designed to fully automate the certification process for wireless devices.

Four phantom geometries are available: left and right sides of the SAM head phantom and the flat phantom in standard and Quad sizes.

More information about cSAR3D can be found on our product page.

News about SPEAG products can be found on our website.

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