Jan 27, 2017

cSAR3D Cal Lab

SPEAG invests in the future of dry SAR testing systems: New standards drive dedicated Cal Lab

In order to comply with the requirements of the upcoming IEC 62209/ Part 3 SAR testing standards, SPEAG has set up a dedicated laboratory for calibrating ‘dry’ SAR testing systems at their manufacturing facility located in the heart of Zurich. The laboratory complements their already existing and well-established ‘wet’ SAR system service centre.

An investment of almost one million USD has been made to back up the successful launch and acceptance of the cSAR3D vector-array SAR system. For Professor Niels Kuster, President of SPEAG’s Board, it is a development into the right direction. “This investment underlines our unlimited commitment to customer and product support for the future.”

The self-contained laboratory is fully shielded, anechoic and equipped with the latest ‘state of the art’ test equipment to cover all of the current and many of the future wireless protocols. In order to guarantee repeatability and speed of turnaround, ‘in- house’ robotic testing has been widely employed in the new facility. As would be expected from the world leaders in developing SAR systems, the new laboratory is fully accredited to ISO 17025. Together with its Chinese partner CTTL, SPEAG is currently installing the same capability in Beijing.

The new Cal Lab underlines SPEAG’s determination of providing complete solutions for their cutting-edge SAR systems.

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