Feb 6, 2018

cSAR3D-A: Fully Automated SAR Testing

New Product Release: cSAR3D-A - Fully Automated SAR Testing

SPEAG's commitment to automation and high-quality sensor array technology has led to the introduction of cSAR3D-A, the first fully automated specific absorption rate (SAR) test system that complies with the standard requirements of fast SAR testing. This product combines the world's fastest SAR measurement system, cSAR3D, with the robot integration that SPEAG is known for. The powerful system is ideal for rapid testing of wireless devices. Applications range from repeatable testing of many samples to fast SAR testing in accordance with international standards.

The four-unit cSAR3D system combined with the robot is a standard and very flexible cSAR3D-A configuration.

cSAR3D-A enables fully automated cSAR3D testing of thousands of SAR measurements - with only one click. To achieve the required precision in positioning the wireless devices under test (DUT) on the cSAR3D phantoms, SPEAG has developed a low-loss non-conductive gripper arm with pneumatic control. The suction of the gripper arm is strong enough to pick up a wide range of devices, including large tablets. It is mounted on Stäubli’s TX60L or TX90XL that have an absolute positioning accuracy of 0.2 mm and a repeatability of 0.02 mm. Accuracy is further refined with laser alignment of the wireless device. All edges of the device are inserted into light beam switches to teach the size and position before performing measurements.

This user video demonstrates the operation and workflow of cSAR3D autonomously performing more than 1000 measurements.

With cSAR3D-A, a device can be tested automatically in all communication modes (2G, 3G, and 4G), frequency bands, channels, phantoms, and device positions. Fast call setup and handovers are performed using our base station simulator interface. All commonly-used base station simulators are supported. A broadband antenna is integrated into the gripper arm to maintain the call during testing.

All test configurations of the wireless device can be created in a single project. Click Start and let the system perform thousands of measurements.

cSAR3D-A is ideal for any application where rapid SAR testing is desired. This includes testing to the recently published IEC PAS 63151, and fast SAR testing to the IEC Standards 62209-1 and 62209-2. Early adopters are using cSAR3D-A on three different continents and include regulators, manufacturers and service providers.

cSAR3D is the most accurate and repeatable vector measurement-based system on the market. Two independent laboratories have shown that cSAR3D passes the stringent validation protocol of IEC PAS 63151 (to be published as IEC Standard 62209-3).

To learn more about why cSAR3D is the market leader in SAR array systems and the preferred choice of regulators, test labs and wireless device manufacturers, please contact us at

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