Apr 18, 2017

SAR Compliance Testing of Wireless Devices with Time-Averaged Power Control

User Video Demonstrates New Time-Averaged SAR Feature of cDASY6 V6.4

At this moment, new devices are about to be released that include chipsets which can control the transmitted averaged power over any 360s-interval. These devices open up new avenues for numerous new mobile apps as the data throughput can be greatly increased for several tens of seconds, while still being compliant with current safety standards. The key is using appropriate power control algorithms.

Until now, it was difficult to reliably demonstrate that these devices are meeting all regulatory requirements. Once again, SPEAG is the first company that offers a very elegant and convenient solution to an emerging compliance testing problem.

Our new measurement procedure in cDASY6 V6.4 ensures that the maximum specific absorption rate (SAR) averaged over any time interval is measured accurately without any additional uncertainty for any wireless device. As might be expected, the corresponding tests are seemingly integrated into the existing DASY6 workflow.

A user video demonstrates how simple the new feature is:

The corresponding application note can be downloaded here.

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