Oct 2, 2018

cDASY6: Now More Robust, More Responsive, and Faster

SPEAG’s new software releases cDASY6 V6.8 and cDASY6 Module mmWave V1.4 incorporate a wide range of small but very important improvements with new features that will substantially enhance the user experience of our DASY6 customers.

After months of carefully reviewing the cDASY6 software and explicitly taking into account valuable customer feedback, we are pleased to announce that our DASY6 specific absorption rate (SAR) testing system is now more robust, more responsive, and faster than ever! The main changes include the replacement of the "Fast Scan" and "Area Scan" with the "Fast Area Scan" which provides the same information as the former "Area Scan", but three times faster (>10 x faster than DASY V52). In addition, we have improved the precision of determining the peak spatial SAR (psSAR) for 1 g and 10 g for sources that couple capacitively to the body.

cDASY6 V6.8

Improved User Experience

cDASY6 V6.8 is a major revision of all software components that were previously perceived as being too slow and/or too bulky. The redesign greatly improves the user experience in a number of ways:

  • The software start-up time is dramatically reduced
  • Project files for large volume measurements are now up to four times smaller, considerably speeding up loading and saving time
  • The selection of the power reference location for devices with focused field distribution has been improved to reduce unnecessary measurement repetition
  • psSAR 1g/10g distributions can now be visualized on the phantom surface of phantoms with the new surface viewer
  • The new volume viewer visualizes all zoom scan slices simultaneously
  • The software setup is simplified thanks to the automated limitation of the allowed probe-angle deviation
  • Improved software stability
20180925 VolumeViewer

New Volume Viewer for Zoom Scans


Area Scan in less than 30s

Previously, we introduced the “Fast Scan” as a pre-scan feature to accelerate the decision making if a volume scan is necessary or not. However, experience has shown that this evaluation feature was too different from the area scan and hence not as beneficial as anticipated for our users. With DASY6 V6.8, we are proud to introduce an improved area scan, called “Fast Area Scan”, with optimized movement and measurement profile that reduces the scan time to <30s for devices with typical mobile phone dimensions. Together with the robot-optimized movements developed for Zoom Scans, the total measurement time (area scan plus zoom scan) can be reduced up to three times compared to DASY V52 without a corresponding increase in measurement uncertainty.

FastAreaScan double

The new Fast Area Scan V6.8 (left) generates the identical information as the regular Area Scan (right)


Coupling mechanism dependent psSAR 1g/10g correction to TSL targets

The tissue sensitivities on dielectric parameters for inductive and capacitive coupling antennas differ substantially. SPEAG’s partner, the IT'IS Foundation, has determined the sensitivities that are now applied in V6.8 if the system detects a capacitive coupling element. This newly in-built correction mechanism combined with the new sampling requirements for capacitivly coupled sources improves the precision and reproducibility of both psSAR 1g and psSAR 10g assessments and therefore further reduces their associated uncertainty.

20180925 VPIFA

SAR distribution of a VPIFA-750 antenna showing capacitive coupling to the phantom


cDASY6 Module mmWave V1.4

The cDASY6 Module mmWave V1.4 release includes an improved optimization of the scan area based on the Fast Area Scan information, i.e., the scanning area is not any longer centered around the local maximum exposure but around the field gravity point. The size of the area has also been optimized.

Another main new feature is the possibility to measure vertical scans for larger structures such as base station antennas. A novel EummWV4 probe with conical tip has been developed to measure as close as 3 mm from the surface of the device under test.

20180925 Vertical Scan

Vertical scan performed on a 60 GHz validation source


On special requests, we have now added a new feature “Time Averaged Scan” that computes the power density over a user-defined time interval. This functionality will simplify compliance testing of devices that can monitor the transmitted power over time.


DASY V52.10.2

In the DASY V52.10.2 maintenance release that will become available for download on Tuesday 9th October, 2018, the administrator can now flag to switch off the warning about insufficient grid resolution based on the IEC-62209 amendment.

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