Aug 8, 2017

cDASY6 5G Module Release V1-0

With the release of cDASY6 5G Module V1-0, SPEAG is now offering the complete solution to demonstrate power density compliance of 5G, WiGig (Wireless Gigabit) and other devices operating above 10 GHz. The new module, developed for the EUmmWV2 probe, is the only solution that allows compliance testing with power density limits at distances as close as 2 mm from any transmitter, with a maximum uncertainty of less than 1.4 dB. A recent study has confirmed that direct measurements at the evaluation plane are an indispensable requirement to achieve reasonable uncertainties (a copy of the study report can be requested from By combining the new module with the features of SEMCAD X, the configurations needed for the compliance report to FCC and other regulators can be efficiently determined, meaning that the measurements are not only accurate but the entire procedure become very straightforward and time efficient.


Ez measured (above left) compared to Ez simulated (above right) at the same distance of 4.5 mm from the dipole array. Below is the comparison of reconstructed from measurements versus simulated power density averaged over any surface of 1 cm2.

Based on the valuable user feedback of our Beta release, cDASY6 5G Module V1-0 offers many new features and improvements, such as:

  • 30% reduced scan time compared to the Beta release
  • simplified exposure plane definition taught with a single point
  • possibility to measure at multiple distances automatically
  • improved field and power density viewers
  • power reference measurements to monitor the output power of the device during scanning
  • optimized summary table and report generation
  • export of all measured and processed data

The release has also been validated using the validation system proposed in the latest draft report of IEC.

Please contact for more information or for receiving a quote and updates on the delivery schedule.

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