Dec 23, 2011

Advance Notice: Next Generation of Probe Systems – TDS

Advance Notice: Next Generation of Probe Systems – TDS

Our high-performance TDS probes are designed for measurements in the time and frequency domains covering a bandwidth from 10MHz to 6GHz. First single axis free-space E- and H-field probe systems will be released in the next quarter.


The novel active-optical probe technology employed in SPEAG TDS probes presents several unprecedented performance features. SPEAG TDS probes allow measurements in the time domain with a minimal sensitivity dispersion over a large bandwidth. The miniature, optically isolated sensor makes TDS probes ideal for near-field measurement applications. The fast optical probe technology allows the assessment of the full RF signal information, including amplitude, phase and modulation characteristics. Compared to passive optical probes, the active sensor head offers an unparalleled sensitivity increase of more than 60dB.

TDS probes are ideal for near- and far-field measurement applications where the exact determination of complex vectorial field distribution is necessary, for applications in EM-hostile environments, and for applications where a reliable characterization of the time-domain signal over a large bandwidth is required. Examples of such applications include: EMC/EMI sniffing and scanning, MRI B1 characterization, and EMP, near-field antenna, and MIMO measurements.

Detailed information on TDS probes can be found on our product webpage.

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