Dec 18, 2017

Winter 2017 Info Day at Z43

The 3rd floor meeting room was packed – standing room only – on Thursday, December 14, when Niels Kuster, Director of the IT’IS Foundation and President of the Board of SPEAG and ZMT, delivered his annual "State of Z43" report to all employees. Niels's message was short and sweet – 2017 has been a great year packed with success stories, ranging from the NIH o2S2PARC award to the IT'IS Foundation to the FCC approval of SPEAG's 5G solutions.

The presentation was followed by an apéro, where Niels was presented with a surprise gift – a life-size portrait of himself! The oil-on-canvas portrait was painted by Dutch artist Pascal Möhlmann.

The apéro presented a great opportunity for all to raise a glass, to toast the successful year drawing to an end, and to look forward to meeting the challenges of 2018!




Packed audience, standing room only

Apéro in full swing

Manuel, Henner, and Michael, with Tolga and Myles in the background, enjoying the apéro

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