Nov 13, 2017

Future Photonics Engineers! Z43 Future Day 2017

On Thursday, November 9, the smell of silver solder filled the air in the R&D area on the 1st floor at Z43 as nine riveted preteens – participants in the 2017 edition of Swiss National Future Day – assembled their own photo-active circuits and used them to build light-sensitive robots.

Swiss National Future Day is a country-wide campaign, cooperatively supported by schools, homes, and the working world, that promotes gender equality in the workplace, career choices, and life planning. This year's participants – Jeanne Burckhardt, Ahron Neufeld, Dudi Gast, David Akrong, Mikhail Pikulin, Eva Pikulina, Olin Niederhauser, Jan Schmid, and Maimuna Bräm – ranged in age from 10 to 12 years old.

The day started with an introduction and outline of the project before our junior engineers moved to their stations to build their own special robots, guided in their efforts by Oliver Munz, Eric Hainfeld, Eugene Pikulin, and Adrian Gehring. .

Future Day 2017 was a total success! It was a great opportunity for the kids to socialize while working side by side, and they were super proud of their work. The lunch break at Molino Pizzeria between morning and afternoon work sessions was a special treat. Many thanks to all those at Z43 whose engagement made the day possible, and – to our future engineers – hope to see you back next year!



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