Apr 12, 2013

Successful Finalization of the SEAWIND Project

Successful Finalization of the SEAWIND Project

Three years after its start, the SEAWIND project was successfully finalized. SEAWIND not only met all the objectives of the call by closing the knowledge gaps regarding exposure assessments of wireless network devices as used today, but went further to develop methodologies and instrumentation to enable rapid and cost-effective exposure evaluations of any future technologies operating at frequencies of 0.8 – 6 GHz. Novel tools for genotoxicity screening of any radiofrequency signal were also developed. Although the screening we performed on selected signals did not reproduce previous findings of DNA damage induction by exposure to weak electromagnetic fields (wEMF), we were able to provide convincing arguments for the absence of a direct DNA damaging potential from such exposures. Preliminary findings on modulation-dependent interferences with cellular processes provide an important lead for future research that should focus on finding the sites and mechanisms of biological interactions with external wEMF.

The SEAWIND results have been successfully disseminated to standards agencies and the scientific community as well as reported to the public. 

The summary of the final report can be downloaded from the SEAWIND webpage, where you can also view a video of the public event held at Monte Verità in Ascona during the IT’IS-organized workshop entitled "EMF Health Risk Research: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for the Future".

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