Oct 11, 2013

Successful Annual SPEAG Workshop in Korea

Successful Annual SPEAG Workshop in Korea

SPEAGandZMTwereespeciallyproudtopremierethelatestversionofSEMCADXV15.0andZMT'srevolutionarynewCLSplatformSim4LifeV1-0. Arangeofproductupdateswerealsopresented,includingAIA,CLA,phantoms(e.g.,POPEYE),andDAKS.Thebroadvarietyofdemonstrationsandinteractiveshowsgarneredgreatinterest. 
Following a tradition for almost 15 years, Dymstec and SPEAG have conducted another very successful annual workshop in Korea. The event took place at the Korea Design Center in Seoul.

This year's workshop was featuring a series of bright new stars, as SPEAG unleashed the introduction of a number of exciting novel products being released in 2013. From a compliance point of view, particular emphasis was put on introducing the new cSAR3D system, moreover, a novel universal linearization method as well as announcing cDASY6 - all together forming the future of compliance testing. Outlining TDS and ICEy uniquely enriches the portfolio for near-field assessment and EMI testing/optimization.

In addition, SPEAG and ZMT were especially proud to premiere the new version 15.0 of SEMCAD X as well as ZMT's new CLS platform Sim4Life V1-0. Finally, a range of product updates were presented, such as AIA, CLA, Phantoms (e.g., POPEYE) and DAKS. The broad variety of demonstrations and interactive shows were received with great popularity and generated a lot of interest.

The interactive workshop closed with a raffle offering various gifts sponsored by Dymstec & SPEAG.

SPEAG would like to express its gratitude to this year's workshop participants consisiting of our current and future customers as well as to thank Dymstec for the outstanding organization. We greatly appreciate everybody's engagement and animated participation within the workshop.

Mr. Song

The opening speech of the 2013 Korea Workshop at the Korea Design Center in Seoul was delivered by Dymstec's President Mr. Song.


Introduction of the cSAR3D system

SPEAG was represented by Prof. Niels Kuster, Dr. Nicolas Chavannes, DR. Chung-Huan Li, and Leif Klysner who offered background and detailed information related and about the SPEAG products.


Exhibited novel cSAR3D system

Live demo and exhibit of the next generation of SAR testing, the cSAR3D system.


MED session of the SEMCAD X seminar

A parallel workshop focused on medical application.


Guest speakers

Various distingushed guest speakers (industry, academia) and users of SPEAG products were presenting and discussing their experience with SPEAG's products.


Lunch buffet

The delicious lunch buffet offered to the workshop participants.


Exhibition of SPEAG products

Exhibition of the latest SPEAG products 


One of the happy raffle winners in Korea

One of the happy raffle winners at the Korea workshop.






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