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Data Acquisition Electronics for EASY6

EASY6-DAE: Data Acquisition Electronics for EASY6


The EASY6-DAE is a high precision data acquisition electronics designed to connect to SPEAG's E/H-field, dosimetric, and temperature probes.

MRI Compatibility Non-magnetic and shielded structure for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environments
Optical communication link
System fully remote controlled
Measurement Capability 50 Hz/60 Hz digital suppressing (20 ms/16 ms averaging)
Tunable averaging with enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio
Sampling Rate
16 samples/second (62.5 ms)
Measurement Range
24-bit resolution
±0.6 V
Dynamic Range 10 µV – 0.5 V
Input Offset Voltage
<1 µV (with auto-zero)
Input Resistance
200 MOhm
Input Bias Current
<50 fA
Integrated Battery

Charging via USB-C
Integrated 5-LED battery charge indicator
Battery level is displayed at EASY6 software
>10 hours of operation

Input: SPEAG probe connector
Output: optical, EASY6-EoF
ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available
Dimensions (LxWxH)
38 x 38 x 72 mm
Accessories Shielding probe cup (MRI compatible mounting tube)
USB-C to USB-C cable for battery charging and firmware upgrade (adaptor USB-C to USB-A included)