Feb 26, 2014

SAM-Mask 6 degrees V2


Today, SPEAG releases the new SAM-Mask6V2SAM Mask 6 degrees V2 (right and left). We have redesigned the mask to minimize the amount of low-loss plastics (relative permittivity: < 1.3 and loss tangent: < 0.003), without compromising robustness and positioning accuracy. SAM-Mask6V2 is compliant with the CTIA V3.3 standard.

For a limited time, customers wishing to update from the SAM-Mask 6 degrees V1 can take advantage of a special introductory discount of 50% off the retail price (offer expires June 1, 2014).

To request a quotation or for further information, please contact us at

SAM-Mask6V2 - SAM Mask 6 degrees V2 (right and left)

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