Jul 29, 2020

mmWave ½SAM Phantoms Extend OTA Testing in CATR for 5G FR2 Devices

SPEAG’s two new mmWave ½SAM phantoms are optimized for testing mobile phone and other ear-mounted devices in talk mode at frequencies from 6 to >100 GHz and meet the quiet zone and weight restrictions of mmWave CATR and OTA chambers.

With the release of the new mmWave ½SAM right and left head phantoms, SPEAG is extending the frequency coverage from <0.3 – 6 GHz to 0.3 – >100 GHz, thus allowing its customers to perform reliable and repeatable over-the-air (OTA) performance evaluations of devices including 5G New Radio Frequency Range 2 and any other mmWave wireless operating systems. The mmW-½SAMR/L-V11 packages consist of the right or left head phantom, the mounting structure, a 6-degree positioning mask, and our universal talk-mode fixtures compatible with all of our talk-mode hands. Each package:

  • is fully compliant with the target values of current and future CTIA test plans and the reflection properties of the human skin for frequencies >100 GHz;
  • is optimized for use in compact antenna test ranges (CATR) or other chambers for OTA evaluations with a 30 cm quiet zone or larger;
  • has a half-head geometry compliant with SAM data as defined by IEEE, 3GPP, and CTIA and is available for right and left-hand usage, whereas the deviation to the full SAM head phantom is <0.2 dB for frequencies >6 GHz;
  • is light weight with only 2.5 kg.

The new mmW-½SAMR/L-V11 phantom packages are an advanced solution for passive and active OTA testing from 6 to >100 GHz.

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