Apr 1, 2019

mmWAVE Phantom for DASY6 Systems

SPEAG released the mmWAVE phantom in direct response to the need for evaluating the power density distributions on any of the six faces of wireless devices.

DASY6 mmWave Phantom

With the release of the FTE (Forward Transform Evaluation) option for mmWAVE Module V2.0 in May 2019, SPEAG enables power density evaluation on the SAM head. The new mmWAVE phantom approximates free-space conditions, allowing to evaluate not only the antenna side of the device but also the front (screen) side or any opposite-radiating side of wireless devices operating above 10 GHz without distorting the RF field. It consists of a 40 mm thick Rohacell plate used as a test bed, which has a loss tangent (tan δ) ≤ 0.05 and a relative permittivity (εr) ≤ 1.2. High-performance RF absorbers are placed below the polystyrene foam. Measurements have demonstrated that the reflection coefficient is better than -20dB at any frequencies above 10 GHz. It is fully compliant with the current draft of IEC / IEEE 63195. The measurement report is available on request.

The phantom is compatible with any DASY6 system with mmWave Module.  

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