Jun 24, 2015

Successful Presentation of Innovative SAR Measurement in UK

Successful Presentation and Demonstration of Innovative SAR Measurement Techniques in UK

The IT’IS Foundation and SPEAG were honoured to be invited to the event “New Innovation SAR Measurement Using Array Systems,” held at Basingstoke, UK on June 11. The broadly-attended event, organized by Richelieu Quoi of UL, was a great opportunity for experts in the SAR measurement community to discuss the future of SAR measurement and specific solutions for the exposure assessment of new wireless technologies.

Phil Davies and Richelieu Quoi of UL described the increasing need for fast SAR measurement of today’s wireless devices, setting the stage for the topics and discussions to follow. Prof. Niels Kuster of the IT’IS Foundation gave a comprehensive overview of the past, current and future research efforts in human exposure assessment at radio frequencies. He described a solution for the validation of array fast SAR systems and the verification of the uncertainty assessment.

Next were two presentations on specific technological solutions to address fast SAR testing needs, by Dr. Benoit Derat of ART-FI and Dr. Mark Douglas of SPEAG. The extended validation of cSAR3D presented by Dr. Douglas showed low deviations (< 10%) from the target values, indicating that the preliminary uncertainty budget of cSAR3D is conservative. Recent developments in international SAR measurement standards were also presented. Sami Gabriel of Vodafone gave insightful presentations on what we may expect for future wireless products and the challenges they pose for exposure evaluation. The event concluded with a panel discussion with open questions from the audience and organizers on needs for standards, regulations and research in this area.

The event prominently featured a live demonstration of cSAR3D, the novel real-time SAR measurement system developed by SPEAG. The audience was on hand to witness fast SAR measurement of a mobile phone in several test configurations, including automated handovers between channels and frequency bands using a base station simulator. The demonstration also included the display of the 3D field distribution and overlay of the camera image of the device. Also featured was the integration of cSAR3D and DASY measurement systems to provide a very fast, comprehensive and reliable path to future SAR compliance evaluation.

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