Apr 4, 2017

SPEAG’s & CTIA’s New Forearm Phantom SHO-GFPC-V1

Standardized Over-The-Air (OTA) evaluation of wrist-worn devices in a precise and repeatable fashion

SPEAG has released a novel generic forearm phantom for the evaluation of wrist-worn transmitters. The SHO-GFPC-V1* phantom was jointly developed with The Wireless Association CTIA and extensively tested in a round-robin. It includes all necessary adapters and is ready to be used at any time.

The carbon-loaded silicone design with accurate skin dielectric properties allows device positioning directly against the skin. Our design guarantees accurate representation of the human body, ultimate measurement reproducibility, and a perfect device fit.

It should be noted that the same phantom is also available for specific absorption rate (SAR) testing and will be part of the unified IEC 62209 standard (SAR_GFPC_V1).

* CTIA test plan for wireless device OTA performance, version 3.7, expected to be released April 2017

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