Aug 23, 2022

DASY8/6 Module SAR V16.2: Simplified testing routines for complicated Multi-TX evaluations

The latest release of Module SAR offers advanced solutions for measurement and evaluation of SAR for Multi-TX capable devices in all specific phantoms. In addition, it offers a smarter zoom scan, additional field viewer capabilities, and many other new features.

DASY8/6 Module SAR V16.2 has been released! The main new features are explained in this user video:


Multi-TX Evaluations in Specific Phantoms

The new Multi-TX evaluator, used to evaluate devices transmitting on multiple bands simultaneously and first introduced in V16.0, has now been extended to all specific phantoms. As with the regular phantoms, measurements performed on different DASY6 and/or DASY8 systems can be combined.

psSAR1g distribution of a smart watch operating at two frequencies simultaneously


Improved Smart Zoom Scan

The Smart Zoom Scan was introduced in 2020 to speed up specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance testing following the introduction of the IEC 62209-2 Amendment 1 on zoom scan grid resolution. In V16.2, the algorithm used for determining the optimal grid resolution on the fly has been further improved, notably to consider measurements in the 6–10 GHz frequency range.

At the same time, the verification of the probe’s linearization parameters with MAIA (modulation and audio interference analyzer) has been updated to ease verification of the latest communication systems.

Advanced Field Viewer Capabilities

Module SAR V16.2 adds additional viewer capabilities for advanced evaluations. In addition to the slice and volume viewers, it is now possible to extract 2D lines.


z-decay of a Zoom Scan at the peak location


Intelligent Auto-Extend Feature

The scan’s auto-extend feature, which increases the measurement grid when the peak spatial SAR (psSAR) values are at its boundary, now offers new features:

  • Improved detection, especially for the scans in Head phantom sections
  • A setting to extend the grid only if the psSAR1g is on border
  • Possibility of limiting the number of auto-extensions

Additional Features

Module SAR V16.2 features additional improvements and bug fixes. The most relevant ones are:

  • Improved base station simulator and PowerSource1 integration
  • Additional reporting tags (project filename, psSAR values before any power scaling / TSL correction, etc.)
  • Possibility of performing additional 1D rotation scans without repeating the anchor scan
  • Power on robot automatically before a time average scan
  • Sound notification after scan completion
  • Fix of minor graphical user interface glitches

DASY8/6 Module SAR V16.2, together with the updated manuals, can be downloaded here.

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