Sep 1, 2015

DAK Verification Kit

DAK Verification Kit

SPEAG announces the release of the DAK Verification Kit. After receiving numerous customer requests, the new Verification Kit was developed to provide quick and easy verification of the Dielectric Assessment Kit system performance. Based on our newly developed broadband tissue simulating liquid, the reference liquid in the Verification Kit will be measured and compared to the imported target data after calibrating the DAK system. A quick analysis of the deviation between the actual measurement and the target data will verify that your system is calibrated properly, ensuring reliable performance and the validity of subsequent measurements.

The DAK Verification Kit includes the new broadband tissue simulating liquid, a material safety data sheet, a test report generated in our laboratory, the target data of the liquid, and a step-by-step guide on the verification process. The procedure is optimized for the DAK-3.5 and DAKS-3.5 probes, but it can be easily adapted for other DAK probe types.

For more detailed information on the DAK Verification Kit, please visit our website:

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