May 18, 2015

DAK Software v2.0 Release

DAK Software v2.0 Release

SPEAG is proud to announce the release of the new DAK software v2.0. Based on valuable customer feedback and our ever-growing knowledge and experience with DAK over the last three years, the software was completely rewritten to offer a more open and flexible structure, greater user experience, and improved functionality. The new GUI builds on our own advanced software development kit (SDK), as do all our other advanced software products, including SEMCAD X Matterhorn, ICEy, cSAR3D, and cDASY6.


New features, improvements, and enhancements include:

  • new GUI structure streamlines the workflow for dielectric measurements, i.e., Setup, Calibrate, and Measure
  • faster and more robust VNA control, data acquisition, and calculation of dielectric parameters
  • inclusion of an averaging function
  • segmented mode sweep, now independent of the VNA
  • implementation of averaging functions and a numerical noise filter to improve the performance of VNAs with higher internal noise or sweeps with high bandwidth. Coarse frequency resolutions can be used (e.g., 20 or 50 MHz) to speed up dielectric measurements, while measured curves can be exported in higher resolutions (e.g., 1 MHz).
  • more flexible calibration, with additional options for open and two media
  • improved post-processing
  • enhanced data format to save measurements (the Excel Export/Import feature ensures compatibility with v1.0.)

All settings, such as VNA configuration, frequency segments, and plot settings, can be now saved as a project and loaded for later use, allowing multiple users to individually customize the DAK software  and easily load user-specific projects.

For a complete list of supported VNAs, please visit our website:

To upgrade to DAK software v2.0, please send an inquiry to A new license file that can be used with your existing dongle and a link to download the installer will be provided. V2.0 software runs only on 64-bit Windows operating systems (Windows 7, 8, or 8.1).

The software upgrade is free of charge to our existing customers.


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