Oct 4, 2015

cSAR3D V2-4 Release - Reduced Uncertainty

cSAR3D V2-4 Release

This release marks an important milestone in the evolution of cSAR3D with sharply reduced uncertainty and very small deviations to DASY52 (see chart below). Tested according to the recently drafted validation procedures of IEC 62209-3, the newly-implemented advanced calibration techniques and reconstruction algorithms enable the generation of more precise and reliable results consistent with the uncertainty budget. 

Excellent agreement between cSAR3D Flat v2.4 and reference values (1-gram and 10-gram average SAR plotted as circles and diamonds, respectively) for more than 500 tests of dipole antennas across a wide range of frequencies, power levels, modulations, locations, distances and orientations. The standard deviation is ±5%, well within the stated standard uncertainty.

Also new in version 2.4 is a fully integrated modulation analysis feature, providing useful information on the modulation characteristics of the wireless communication signal that allows the user to verify the communication signal and analyze the time-domain and frequency-domain data.

Standards-compatible fast SAR protocols are now implemented in cSAR3D V2-4, automating the selection of test conditions that are recommended for DASY52 or DASY6 measurements. The integration of our fastest SAR measurement system, cSAR3D, with our industry-leading DASY product line brings the system one step closer to regulatory acceptance.

User access levels are also now incorporated into the software, providing more flexibility for users in large laboratory environments to easily access data.

cSAR3D is optimized for compliance testing of wireless devices used at the head or body, with a powerful expert system for guidance through all device conditions and a measurement time of less than 1 second.

Stay tuned for new features coming soon, including the complete integration of all common base station simulators on the market.

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