Jan 16, 2015

cSAR3D Quad Release

cSAR3D Quad Release

SPEAG achieved another major milestone in November 2014 with the release of cSAR3D Quad, our solution for fast and accurate SAR testing of laptops, tablets, and other large devices. We have had high demand for cSAR3D Quad with installations at several customer sites.

cSAR3D Quad rounds out our portfolio of fast SAR measurement systems. The largest and highest-resolution cSAR3D system available, the Quad includes a special flat phantom with a large measurement area (562 mm × 386 mm). The refinement feature of the cSAR3D Quad scanning system uses novel algorithms to automatically combine several measurements to provide fine scan resolution in the region of the SAR peak.

Broadband tissue simulating media are available for either head or body dielelectric parameters. The permittivity and conductivity are within 10% of the target parameters over the 500 – 6000 MHz frequency range. SPEAG has had 10+ years of experience with broadband tissue simulating gels, which have been  demonstrated to be very stable over time, thus no adjustment or replacement is required.

cSAR3D Quad is fully integrated into the cSAR3D software (V2.0 or higher). All features are available: test plan generation, base station simulator interface, 3D field visualization, report generator, and Python interface.

Our software supports two operating modes for cSAR3D Quad: single scan and area scan. In single scanning operation, cSAR3D Quad performs a measurement in < 1 s and in the same way as cSAR3D Flat operation. In an area scanning operation, the sensor array is moved under the device over a large scanning area with a total scanning time of under 3 min.

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