Jul 10, 2019

cSAR3D Major Release V3-0 - More Powerful & Accurate than Ever

In anticipation of the approaching release of IEC 62209-3, we upgraded the user interface of cSAR3D, enhanced the 3D field reconstruction algorithm, and added time-sweep and real-time measurement uncertainty based on the actual measured field data.

cSAR3D V3-0 is more powerful, accurate, and user-friendly than ever! We further improved and fine-tuned the reconstruction algorithm and have added on-the-fly calculation of the measurement uncertainty that is both conservative and reliable and fulfills standard requirements. The calculation utilizes the knowledge of the measured field values and, therefore, can lower the confidence interval for most measurement conditions considerably.

The measurement uncertainty is below 30% for almost all measurements performed with actual devices in real test case scenarios on all four cSAR3D phantoms (Flat, Right and Left Head, and Quad). This result has been verified by re-evaluation of tests performed at independent labs, government agencies, and SPEAG. Tests include the full suite of over 1200 validation tests of IEC 62209-3 and over 500 tests of modern wireless devices.

This video demonstrates the powerful new features and improved user interface when setting up a project, performing measurements, and data analysis in cSAR3D V3-0.

cSAR3D V3-0 adds time-averaged SAR measurements for accurate evaluation of devices with dynamic power control. The easy-to-use interface allows measurement over a user-defined time interval at a fast sampling rate. The software shows the 2D plot, the TX factor, and the time-averaged SAR as per standards and regulatory requirements.

The user interface in cSAR3D V3-0 has been upgraded. It corresponds to the Setup-Measure-Analyze workflow, with easy access to the relevant features. A library of recent projects and templates has been added to the Setup Project screen.

test device5

cSAR3D V3-0 calculates the measurement uncertainty for each measurement. The 95% confidence interval is displayed in the upper right corner of user interface next to the measurement data.

test device5 zoom2

The uncertainty (U1g and U10g for 1-gram and 10-gram average SAR, respectively) is calculated from the SAR distribution and other measurment parameters, and is displayed in both dB and percent ranges.

cSAR3D is fully compliant with IEC 62209-3.  It is known for its accuracy, high repeatability, and reliability, which make it the most used vector measurement-based SAR system worldwide. More than 200 systems have been installed at regulatory agencies, test labs, and wireless manufacturers. Our recent enhancements are the result of user feedback, standards compatibility, and dedication to quality.

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