Sep 10, 2018

Successful 2018 SPEAG and ZMT Hardware and Software Workshop in South Korea

DYMSTEC, SPEAG, and ZMT Zurich MedTech AG (ZMT) conducted their annual hardware and software workshop at the Gachon Convention Center in Sungnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, September 6–7, 2018. DYMSTEC, Z43's sales channel for South Korea, did a magnificent job as usual as the local organizers of this very popular event, which featured several presentations, workshops, and social events and included live English-Korean translation service.

Approximately 140 participants from leading industries, universities, and government agencies attended this year's workshop for the chance to preview SPEAG’s and ZMT’s latest innovations and product updates and to learn about the roadmap for future technological advances in 2018/19 and beyond. The workshop opened with welcome addresses from SPEAG's President, Prof. Niels Kuster, and DYMSTEC CEO Young Bae Song. This year's workshop was organized into two parallel sessions, one with a focus on SPEAG's solutions for the mobile phone and telecommunications industries, while the other features solutions for life sciences and medical applications developed by ZMT and the IT’IS Foundation.

The focus of the measurement and test equipment (MTE) session, presented by Prof. Niels Kuster, Dr. Mark Douglas, and Dr. Sven Kühn, was on trends in international standards and regulation and the latest hardware solutions for mobile telecommunications equipment. Overviews and demonstrations of SPEAG's new 5G-ready system for measurement of power density at millimeter wave frequencies, as well as the latest DASY Software Version 6.8 and cSAR3D-A – with robot-based positioning – were featured. Additional highlights included novel EM Phantoms – e.g., the POPEYE-V10 face with exchangeable eyeballs – for over-the-air (OTA) testing of body-worn devices,  MAGPy – a new system for assessment of wireless power transfer (WPT) exposure, and ICEy V3 – which features optical technology with radiofrequency-transparent assessment of 5G compliance, mm-wave antenna near-field and radiation performance, as well as the new OH4VNA system. Invited speakers from Samsung and HCT presented excellent work targeting industry needs and research efforts for 5G applications.

The sessions on software and simulations led by Dr. Nicolas Chavannes and Dr. Sylvain Reboux featured the latest releases of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V17.2 and Sim4Life V4.2. Highlights included live demonstrations of the enhanced multi-parameter multi-goal optimizer as well as recent developments in high-performance computing. Dedicated sessions were devoted to outlines of recent features and advances for numerical safety assessment of active and passive implants, with highlights on IMAnalytics V2 and the IT’IS Foundation’s MRIxViP, an update on the NEUROMAN project and the Virtual Population (ViP) computable phantoms, and Z43's specialized software solutions for optimization of 5G, internet of things (IoT), and WPT systems. An outlook on the software roadmap was presented to highlight important 5G toolkit extensions and the new unstructured finite-element method (FEM) solver to be released by the end of October 2018. The sessions in the medical track featured as invited speakers Z43's partners on the NEUROMAN project from Ajou and Dongguk Universities and experts from POSTECH, Hanyang, and Jeju Universities.

The feedback from several attendees attests to the success of this year's Korea workshop. SPEAG and ZMT look forward to future workshops and to the opportunity to continue to deliver consistent, innovative, and complete solutions for modelling and compliance testing, an essential prerequisite for the success of 5G-dependent industries in the Korean market and beyond.

The event closed with the ever popular raffle followed by a dinner party.


The 2018 Workshop Team: Congratulations, DYMSTEC, on such a successful organization of the workshop!


Prof. Niels Kuster, delivering his opening address at the workshop.


Mr. Song, CEO of DYMSTEC, during his keynote presentation at the workshop.


Live demos of SPEAG products cSAR3D, TDS, DAK-TL and phantoms – including the POPEYE-V10 torso, head, and eyes – were on display during all of the workshops.


Dr. Sylvain Reboux presenting the optimizer and the 5G toolkit of Sim4Life and SEMCAD X.


Table full of exciting raffle prizes.

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