Douglas, Mark

Douglas, Mark



Mark Douglas is a researcher in the field of electromagnetics with over 15 years experience in radiofrequency dosimetry, electromagnetic modeling, and antenna design. Mark’s research work has resulted in over 80 papers for scientific conferences and peer-reviewed journals. He also holds 5 patents.


Mark holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Victoria, Canada. He joined the IT'IS Foundation in 2009 as a Project Leader. From 2002 to 2009, Mark was an engineering manager in the Corporate Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Research Laboratory at Motorola, where he led advancements in radiofrequency dosimetry research and testing. Prior to that, Mark was a Senior Technical Leader with the Antenna Development Group at Ericsson. In this capacity, Mark designed, optimized, and tested antennas for wireless handsets, and he built an electromagnetic testing laboratory.