Jan 22, 2016

Let’s Party! Festivities to Kick Start 2016!

Let’s Party! Festivities to Kick Start 2016!

This year’s party of Z43 (IT'IS Foundation, SPEAG, ZMT) was held at trendy Art Dock, located in the former cargo terminal between Zurich’s Hardbrücke and Central train stations. The mission of Art Dock is to preserve and display the works of Zurich artists in ever-changing temporary exhibitions. The location was generously offered by Ralph Bänziger, the founder and curator of Art Dock. The party, mastered and catered by Dani, Franz und Oliver of Franzoli, the very best of Switzerland, started with an apéro riche served in the “Lava-Dock” exhibition hall before moving to the “Magma-Dock” hall for scrumptious nouveau-cuisine served flying-dinner style. The standing tables mixed with cozy booths encouraged partiers to mingle the whole night long, enjoying the mix of contemporary art, delectable wines, and new culinary trends. The evening culminated with a state-of-the-Z43 address from Niels, followed by dancing past midnight to the music of the rock band Tin Soldiers and the DJ Nici Gassner.

Magma-Dock bar

Sculptures of Otto Müller in the Lava-Dock hall

Party in full swing

Dinner started with a Bentobox

Guests mingling and chatting

The night is still young

The 6th course offered by Franzoli

Expressions of pure happiness

The state-of-the-Z43 address by Niels Kuster

Let the dancing begin!

Please click on the movie below to watch a clip of the Tin Soldiers performing

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