SAM Head Phantom V4.5 

Anthropomorphic head phantom (shell only) for over-the-air (OTA) evaluation of antennas implanted inside the head or specific absorption rate measurements of head-worn devices


Assessment of radiation pattern or total radiated power of mobile phone devices in talk mode in combination with the hand phantoms or in head only mode when filled with head tissue simulating liquid

Assessment of the OTA performance of antennas mounted inside the head immersed in any tissue simulating liquid


Geometry compliant with SAM data as defined by IEEE SCC34 and 3GPP TR25.914 "Measurements of Radio Performances for UMTS Terminals in Speech Mode" Release 6 and with CTIA certification standard "Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance"


Width:  250 mm (without phone positioner)
Depth:  269 mm
Height: 394 mm (incl. feet)


Phantom Shell:

High precision injection moulded PP made of low-loss plastic (dielectric constant <5.0, loss-tangent <0.05), thickness: 2 ± 0.2 mm, integrated positioning lines, sealed top cap


Mounting on a turntable:

8 mm holes in a plane 210 mm wide x 174 mm deep 


Compatible with all tissue simulating liquids including aggressive solvents (e.g., DGBE type)

Compatible with SAM-PPV1 device holder 

Compatible with all SPEAG's SHO- and SHO3TO6- hand phantoms designed for talk mode testing using fixtures SHO-FTMV2

Compatible with phone positioner SAM-PPV1


Mask6V1/2 mask for 6° rotation of the SAM Head cheeks

Mask15V1 mask for 15° rotation of the SAM Head cheeks

SHO-FTMV2 talk mode fixtures

SAM-PPV1 phone positioner