List of VNAs Compatible with DAK and OH4VNA Systems

In DAK systems Vector network analyzers (VNA) are used to measure the impedance at the end of the open-ended coaxial probe, while the DAK software calculates the dielectric constant from the measurement.
In OH4VNA systems a 2-port VNA is used to measure the complex-valued S21 parameter at the ports of the OH4VNA Remote Unit. The OH4VNA software calculates then the complex S11 parameter from the transmission. measurement.

Please note: DAK probes and OH4VNA systems have a line impedance of 50 Ω. To ensure compatibility, the VNA must also have a 50 Ω line impedance at the output port. Please also note that VNAs in some cases can only be operated with a GPIB-USB adapter; some older Agilent ENA or PNA models have a LAN interface, which is incompatible with VISA standards and, therefore incompatible with the DAK and OH4VNA software. In case your specific VNA model is missing in the below list, please contact our customer support with your integration request.

Note: Support of obsolete VNA models is not guaranteed and needs to be investigated case by case.


Rohde & Schwarz

VNA Type DAK Systems OH4VNA Systems
ZNA series
ZVA series
ZVB series
ZVL series
ZVT series
ZNB series
ZNBT series
ZNC series
ZND series
ZNH series X
ZVH series (Options K40 & K42) X
ZNL/E series


Keysight (former Agilent)

VNA Type DAK Systems OH4VNA Systems
HP 8719HP 8720HP 8722HP 8753 (E models)
ENA Series 
PNA Series
FieldFox RF series
Streamline Series
PXI Series



VNA Type DAK Systems OH4VNA Systems
MS464XA/BME7828A, ME7838A/E/D
MS46122A/B, MS46322A/B, MS46522A/B, MS46524A/B
MS46121A/B X


Copper Mountain Technologies

VNA Type DAK Systems OH4VNA Systems
R54, R60, R140B, R180 X
S5045, S5048, S5065, S5085, S5180B, S5243, S7530
PLANAR 304/1, 804/1, 808/1, 814/1
M5045, M5065, M5090, M5180
Cobalt series



VNA Type DAK Systems OH4VNA Systems
TTR5XX Series

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