Mar 11, 2021

Revolutionary cSAR3D V5.0: Real-Time SAR for Advanced TAS

cSAR3D is now 10 times faster, measures, evaluates and displays the specific absorption rate (SAR) three times per second, and offers validated measurements from 300 MHz – 10 GHz

Our novel and most advanced Time-Averaged SAR testing modes have been optimized for reliable SAR surveillance testing of today’s and tomorrow’s mobile phones. These tests also compliment the SAR compliance testing performed by DASY6/8. The latest generation of wireless devices contain several specific absorption rate (SAR) management features such as dynamic power control, antenna switching, and proximity sensing. This poses significant compliance challenges, in particular, if phones are evaluated in the context of surveillance testing.

SPEAG worked closely with leading manufacturers, test labs, regulators, and standardization groups to find optimal solutions for both compliance and surveillance testing. It became clear very quickly that only SAR measurement in real-time can reliably master the demands of surveillance testing.

Thus, during the last months, SPEAG has redesigned and accelerated the cSAR3D software in close collaboration with the IT'IS Foundation and we are proud to say that the result is a little revolution: cSAR3D V5.0 is more than 10 times faster than before! With V5.0, users can now acquire SAR measurements, reconstruct the induced fields in 3D, time-average and determine the peak spatial SAR values averaged over both 1 gram and 10 grams three times per second – by far the fastest on the market.

Specifically, we have implemented two time-averaged SAR testing modes:

  • psSAR Time-Averaged SAR: This mode determines the psSAR1g and psSAR10g at every time point (three times per second) and averages these values over the averaging window that is defined by the regulators or user (e.g., 100 seconds defined by the Federal Communications Commission). This is the classic method compatible with conducted power and single-point SAR evaluations and valid for dynamic power management of one communication channel.
  • Volume Time-Averaged SAR: This is the most advanced mode and valid for any TAS implementation. It is accurate for all cases where the SAR pattern/distribution and/or the amplitude changes over time, e.g., due to antenna switching, and TAS combined with proximity sensors. In this feature, the SAR is time-averaged at every point in the volume at the same update rate (i.e., three times per second). The psSAR values are then computed from the time-averaged SAR distribution.

Another important improvement we achieved is the frequency extension down to 300 MHz, requested by both users and regulators. cSAR3D now provides full measurement capability from 300 MHz ‒ 10 GHz and allows SAR testing of wireless devices operating in the 300 ‒ 650 MHz range such as small UHF radios. The extended frequency range is available by order for new or re-calibrated cSAR3D phantoms. Validation of the 300 - 650 MHz frequency range is performed after calibration and is fully documented.

cSAR3D V5.0, together with the manual, can be downloaded here. Please note that the full performance can only be achieved using a computer meeting the new minimal specifications

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